Going to court

If it is necessary for you to go to court, there are several ways to prepare. You can go on your own or with the help of a lawyer.  If you can’t afford a lawyer you can contact Legal Services of New Jersey at 1-888-LSNJLAW (1-888-576-5529) or visit the website here. You may be eligible for services.

Your request for child support is called a complaint. You or the child support office will file this complaint, and the Family Court will schedule the hearing and notify both parents of the date, time and place.  For more information regarding the court process and to download forms, you can go to the NJ Courts website here.

The issues of custody and visitation are handled by Family Court.

Your case may be heard by a child support hearing officer or a judge may hear the case and make the decision. All orders are reviewed and signed by a judge.
In court, both parents are expected to present accurate and up to date information so that a proper decision can be made. (You can use the list in "Locating Non-Custodial Parents" for guidance.)

You will also need to bring the following information about you and your child:
  • Birth certificates for both of you.
  • Your Social Security number and your child’s (if you have one for your child).
  • Information about your income, such as a pay stub.
  • Address, phone numbers and other contact information.