New Jersey Child Support Program Public Awareness/Outreach Campaign

The New Jersey Child Support Program is currently sponsoring an expanded public awareness campaign. The primary objective of the campaign is to substantially increase voluntary child support compliance and shared parenting responsibility. The campaign’s message is that 'child support is more than just money.' Through community outreach efforts, supported by advertising and promotions, the goals of the campaign are:

  • To educate the community and its leaders about the child support services available to New Jersey residents
  • To drive traffic to the Child Support Web site, and telephone hotline, 1-877-NJKIDS1
  • To inform community members and leaders of the rights and responsibilities of individuals who choose to use these services
  • Most importantly to emphasize the importance of shared parenting responsibility (both financial and emotional) and its significance in the well being of the children of our communities.

The outreach approach consists of three major components:

Community Presentation
The Community Presentation is a 'walk through the New Jersey Child Support Program.' This one-hour session was designed to inform the general public about the child support services available in New Jersey and how to access them.

Teen Presentation
The Teen Presentation is an upbeat and interactive presentation designed specifically for teenagers. It is informative yet fun! Similar to the Community Presentation, its primary purpose is to inform audience members about the child support services available in New Jersey and how to access them. There is an emphasis on pregnancy prevention for the purpose of deterring teens who have not become parents from doing so, and deterring future pregnancies of those who have.

Training/Resource Overview
The Training/Resource Overview is a presentation designed to educate community leaders about the New Jersey Child Support Program. This one-two hour session will provide these leaders with the knowledge and resources needed to assist the Office of Child Support in its effort to raise the public’s awareness of child support services in New Jersey, and how to access them. They are encouraged to spread the campaign’s message in their day-to-day operations of their organization.

If you are interested in hosting or attending any of the above events, or would like more information, call Kathy Shaw of JANUS Solutions, (609) 466-0200 ext.105.