Establishing the order for child support

The first step in establishing an order is to determine the amount of child support and to determine if health coverage is available. 

This is determined by the New Jersey Support Guidelines. These Supreme Court-approved guidelines are applied in all child support cases. The guidelines have one purpose: to determine how much each parent should contribute for the care of the child.  Health care is to be ordered as accessible and at a reasonable cost based on health insurance available through both parents’ resources.
The guidelines are based on an income-share formula, in which the incomes of both parents are considered. The guidelines also take expenses into account, such as child care, medical insurance, and any factor the court deems best for the child. Of course, if both parents can agree on an amount for child support based on the guidelines, a Consent Support Agreement will be established and no court appearance is necessary.
If either parent does not agree on the amount of support, or there are other outstanding issues that must be settled, you will have to go to the Family Part of New Jersey Superior Court (often called Family Court) at your county courthouse. The court will review the facts and issue an order. This order includes the amount to be paid and the way it will be paid.