A : The numbers come from huge research studies done by the government. Many thousands of families fill-out surveys and show how much they earn and spend. Then they match-up families into groups by how much money they earn . Finally, they compare families with kids to fami...
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NJKiDS is the child support computer system. It stands for New Jersey Kids Deserve Support. This is where we store information about your case. It also keeps a record of all payments that are made or owed. If the non-custodial parent does not pay, NJKiDS automatically starts t...
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Cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis, however please note that capacity for enforcement is reduced at this time.
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Family Multi-Purpose Post-Judgment Form Family Part Case Information Statement (CIS)
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The New Hires Directory is used to locate non-custodial parents and to enforce child support orders. The state keeps this directory of any person who works, or is contracted to work, in New Jersey. Employers must report employees to the State within 20 days of hiring, list...
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