Parenting Tips For Shared Time


Separation and divorces can dramatically change your relationship with your children. The quantity and quality of time your children spend with each parent is important in helping them make a healthy adjustment after your separation or divorce.

Both parents should continue to be involved in their children’s lives. Both parents’ cooperation is crucial to the well-being of the children.

Parents should allow their children to love the other parent freely, even if the relationship between the parents has ended.

Children may become moody, may withdraw, become angry, or may even act younger than they are. If this happens, try to work together to find out what is bothering your child.

Before problems arise, develop a parenting plan with the other parent. A parenting plan sets out a schedule for each parent to spend time with the children and addresses other issues about raising the children with both parents involved. The plan should allow for the children to have regular contact with each of you.


You can find more information on parenting time and other child-related issues at the New Jersey Judiciary’s Web site ( You can also call us at 609-984-4228.

For more information on parenting time, parenting education classes, mediation programs and parenting plans, you can call the Family Part of Superior Court in your county.