Welcome to the New Jersey Child Support website. The site features the essential information for all the child support customers and audiences we serve, including custodial parents, non-custodial parents, employers, child support professionals, staff, and supporting organizations and agencies.

Child support is more than just money

It is the responsibility of each parent - both mother and father - to make sure their child has enough food to eat, clothes to wear and a safe place to live. Still, some children do not get the support they need.

Regardless of their living situation or relationship, both parents should provide the financial, medical and emotional support a child needs to grow into a responsible adult. New Jersey's Child Support Program can help.

There are two parents in every child support case. One is the custodial parent (or the payee) - the one who lives with the child and has the primary day-to-day responsibility. And the other is the non-custodial parent (or the payor) - who also has important responsibilities.

Co-parenting is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with your child. Although one person may have the day-to-day duties, taking shared responsibility is a key element in the support and success of children.

Remember: your child has the right to support and you have the right to this help. All the services described on this site are available to you.

We hope the information here will help you find your way along the child support road. Keep in mind: Child support is more than just money. If you would like more information, call the New Jersey Child Support Information Line, 1-877-NJKIDS1. Click here for the Guide to NJ Child Support Hotline Short Cuts.

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NJ Child Support Handbook and Brochure

NJ Child Support Handbook and Brochure

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    Aug 20, 2014

The New Jersey Child Support Program Implements Additional Customer Service Enhancements

Starting on August 14, 2014, the New Jersey Child Support Program will launch additional enhancements to our 877NJKIDS1 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. In our continuing effort to increase customer access and satisfaction, callers will now be able to access information through the IVR by using either the touch tone keypad or voice to obtain information. Clients will be required to listen to carefully as the menu options will change for this added feature but we believe it will allow clients to obtain information faster and easier.