Applying for Child Support

Individuals can apply for Title IV-D child support services, which include:

  • location of the obligor
  • establishment of paternity, child support, and medical support
  • collection and monitoring of support payments
  • income withholding
  • enforcement of the order
  • tax refund intercept
  • lottery intercept
  • suspension/denial of passport
  • bank account levy
  • judgment processing
  • credit reporting
  • review and adjustment of the order

There is a one-time $6 fee for full Title IV-D child support services. 

To apply online, click here.

To print the application, click here.

To access the court filing documents, click here.

To access the Family Division address information, click here.

To access information on how to email the documents using Judiciary Electronic Document Submission (JEDS), click here.

For further court information, you can access the Court Self-Help Center here.

Individuals can also apply for Non Title IV-D monitoring only services, which include establishment of the support order, collection and monitoring of payments, and use of income withholding. There is an annual $25 fee for Non Title IV-D monitoring only services. You do not need to complete the application for Non Title IV-D services. You only need to complete the appropriate court forms and mail or email to the Family Division in the county in which you reside. See links above.