The New Jersey Child Support Prepaid Debit Card Program

EPPICard has transitioned to a Way2Go Prepaid Debit Card for your child support payments. 
If you had activity on your EPPICard in the last 18 months*:
  • You received a new Way2Go card on or around October 20, 2021. You must register the new card on, the Way2Go mobile app, or by calling (833) 322-1441.
  • DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR EPPICard, you may use it until January 6, 2022.  
    • Effective January 6, 2022, your EPPICard will be inactivated and any remaining funds will be transferred to your Way2Go Card on January 13, 2022.
    • Beginning October 27, 2021, you may begin using your Way2Go card.
    • Effective October 27, 2021 all deposits will be made to your Way2Go card.
Customer Service:
For any questions or to obtain a replacement EPPICard, you may call EPPICard at (866) 461-4094. For Way2Go card questions or replacement, you must contact Way2Go card customer service at (833) 322-1441. 
What does my new Way2Go card look like?
If you had NO activity on your EPPICard in the last 18 months*:
  • Prior to January 6, 2022, you may continue to use your EPPICard as described in the terms and conditions.
  • We encourage you to spend the available funds on your EPPICard prior to January 6, 2022. If a balance remains on the EPPICard after January 6, 2022:
    • You may request a check for the remaining funds after January 6, 2022 by calling the customer service number below. Please note that it may take up to 60 days for check issuance.  
    • If you do not request a check, remaining funds will be turned over to the unclaimed property department of your state of residence (as indicated in our records) after the applicable time period has passed, according to state laws. 
Customer Service:
If you have any questions or need a replacement EPPICard, you may call (866) 461-4094. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
Why am I getting a new debit card?
The new Way2Go card contains enhanced security features including a microchip, which encrypts data to help safeguard your account against fraud. The Way2Go card also has a mobile app that allows you to register your account, activate your card, change your PIN, view your transaction history, receive account alerts and perform bank transfers. 
I didn’t receive a Way2Go card, what do I do?
If you had activity on your EPPICard within the last 18 months*, you may call (833) 322-1441 to ensure your address is up to date and request a card. 
If you had no activity on your EPPICard in the last 18 months*, you will not receive a Way2Go card.
I had no activity on my EPPICard in the last 18 months*, but I should receive payments in the future. How will I be paid?
Initially you will receive a check for your child support payments.  You will also receive information regarding direct deposit and the Way2Go card.  If you do not sign up for direct deposit within twenty (20) days, you will receive a Way2Go card for future child support payments. 
I am having trouble activating my Way2Go card, what should I do?
Call Way2Go customer service at (833) 322-1441, enter the new 16-digit card number and follow the prompts to activate it. It is recommended that you activate the card using a landline. If you do use a cell phone, do not enable the speakerphone feature.  
What happens to the money on my EPPICard?
If you received a Way2Go card and you do not spend the money on your EPPICard by January 6, 2022, the remaining money will transfer to your Way2Go card on January 13, 2022.
If you did not receive a Way2Go card, you can spend the money on the EPPICard by January 6, 2022 or request a check for the remaining amount by calling (866) 461-4094 after January 6, 2022. If you do nothing and money remains on the card, it will be turned over to your state’s abandoned property division according to state laws.     
Is there any change in fees?
No. The fees for using the Way2Go card are the same as the EPPICard.
When do I start using my Way2Go card?
You can use your card on or after October 27, 2021.
How much money is on my EPPICard?
You can access information at or by calling (866) 461-4094.
I mistakenly threw away information about the child support debit card, what should I do?
If you have an active Way2Go card, you may visit to view account information, fees, and program details. 
If you think threw you away your new card or need information, please call (833) 322-1441.
Where do I find information about the Way2Go card features and fees?
You can register at to obtain information about your card. You must have an active card to create an online account. You can view frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Way2Go card without logging in.
*EPPICard activity in the last 18 months includes: Card replacement, withdrawal, deposit, and/or balance inquiry.