Intergovernmental (Interstate) child support cases

The federal Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) provides that New Jersey child support can be carried out if the payor lives out of state. 
This law requires employers to comply with the incoming withholding orders of other states, countries or tribal governments and puts limits on where orders can be changed.  This law also protects the payor by making sure that only one current order for each case is in effect at any time.  If a payor moves to a different state in an effort to avoid paying child support, he or she may face federal criminal prosecution.  Enforcement reaches across state lines.
Cases may involve other countries (international).  The federal government has established agreements with other countries in order to facilitate the establishment and enforcement of child support orders.  New Jersey currently has such agreements with 15 other countries.  A total of 23 individual countries, 13 Canadian provinces, and 4 countries within the United Kingdom have agreements with the federal and New Jersey state programs. These agreements make it possible to work with these countries to ensure the support of the children by their parents within its jurisdiction.