Back-To-School Tips


As a new school year begins, consider these activities that you and your child can do together to ensure a positive, engaging year at school.

  • Get organized. As the new school year approaches, take time to get organized with your children before they head back to school. Make a shopping list of school supplies needed. Create a schedule together that includes homework, snack and play times along with bedtime.
  • Get physical. Obesity in children is a serious issue with health and social consequences that often continue into adulthood. There are many activities to do with your children that are fun and will keep them active. For example, take a bike ride together or play tag in the park or in the backyard. Chase lightning bugs or play catch.
  • Listen. A few minutes of genuine, thoughtful listening can go a long way in helping your children become better listeners. Set aside a certain time of day when it's easier for you and your child to talk without interruptions, like bedtime or while driving in the car together.
  • Cook together. Cooking together is a great activity. It is a great opportunity to teach children kitchen safety along with measurements. Give your child the chance to measure the ingredients needed for the recipe. Fun cooking activities include, baking cookies together or creating a special recipe together with secret ingredients that only you and your child share.
  • Unstructured Fun. Like adults, children need time to unwind and take a break. Schedule an hour of unstructured fun to enjoy old-fashioned fun activities like, putting a puzzle together, playing a card game or drawing pictures of each other.

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