Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need an increase in my support order or health insurance for my children?

The law allows you to request your County Board of Social Service Agency to review the amount of your child support order at least once every three years from the date the order is entered or modified by the court. The review is based on the current income of the parents, the New Jersey child support guidelines and whether there is a 20 percent change between the current and new award. The review may result in an increase, decrease, or no change in the amount of support. Additionally, you can ask the agency to help you get health insurance for your child(ren) if it is not included in your current order. To request a review of the amount of child support or that health insurance be added to the support order, you must write to your County Board of Social Services Agency. You can also request that the court increase your order anytime your circumstances change (reduced income or increased need) by filing a motion either by yourself or through an attorney. Cases established or modified after Sept. 1, 1998 will be eligible for a cost of living increase every two years. The increase is based on the 24 month average of the consumer price index for our region.