Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it be before I receive payments?

This depends on the circumstances of your case and the services you want. If you know where the non-custodial parent lives, establishing a support order usually takes 90 days or less. Generally, payments start about two weeks after the order is entered if the non-custodial parent pays as directed. Once the account is set up, payments will be processed and sent within two working days after the state receives the payment. If you need other services such as location or paternity establishment, it may take longer before you start receiving payment. If you already have a support order issued in New Jersey, it take about 14 working days to set up an account and notify the non-custodial parent how to make payments. You will not receive a support payment, however, if the non-custodial parent does not pay. Please be patient after you file the application for services. It takes time to notify everyone about hearings, the legal rights and payment procedures. Once an account is established and the non-custodial parent is paying, you should receive payments on a regular basis.