Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the Judge to make an exception for my case?

A: Maybe, but you will need to do your homework! The law says the Court must apply the Guidelines unless there is a very special reason not to use them. If you want an exception made for your case, you must be ready to show the Court the special reason. Some of the reasons listed in the law are high medical bills (with no insurance to cover them), bills relating to caring for elderly or sick parents, or a parent who is disabled and cannot work. You can also ask for an exception for other reasons - but it has to be a very good reason, and you will probably be asked to prove it.


If you want to ask the Court for an exception, bring papers from doctors that prove you have a disability or have elderly parents to care for. Bring your exceptional medical bills that you must pay. To get an exception, you must ask for it, have a very good reason, and be ready to prove why you need it. Simply saying the child support amount is too high, (or not high enough) won't do the trick.