What is Child Support?

While it's true that parents are responsible for providing food on the table and a roof overhead, they shoulder other important responsibilities as well. Both mothers and fathers play an important role in children's social, psychological, and moral development.

A person who takes pride in the role as a parent is able to offer so many wonderful things to a child and to be a positive influence in the child's life. For example, a parent who gives the gift of time knows that time has no price tag but is invaluable in too many ways to count. A parent who shows respect encourages the child to act accordingly. And a parent who openly demonstrates pride creates feelings of self-pride, self-confidence, and self-worth.

The most important task for all parents is to keep the needs of their children first and foremost. Kids need to feel safe and secure in their environment. They need to be nurtured and loved. They need both financial and emotional support.

The purpose of the State's 'Child Support. It's More Than Just Money.' campaign is to encourage those uninvolved non-custodial parents to get involved in their kids' lives. The campaign slogan serves as a reminder that no amount of money can replace the emotional caring and support parents give to their children.